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Checks Model, Coverage Details, Manufacture Date + Factory, Find My iPhone Status, iCloud Status, GSMA Blacklist Status, Refurbished Status, Repair Status, Estimated Purchase Date, SIM-Lock status and Carrier.

NEW! Where possible, we will also include the purchase country and indicate if the device is a replacement or demo unit


Model Description: IPHONE XR BLUE 256GB-ZDD
Model: iPhone Xr Blue 256GB A-2105 Global
MEID Number: 35307310470928
IMEI Number: 353073104709282
IMEI2 Number: 353073104635016
Serial Number: DX3YR00YKXKM
Manufacture Date: 29 May 2019
Unit Age: 11 months and 30 days
Assembled In: Foxconn Chengdu, China
Activation Status: ACTIVATED
Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Coverage Start Date: 27 Mar 2020
Estimated Purchase Date: Mar 27, 2020
Telephone Technical Support: ACTIVE
Technical Support Expiration Date: 25 Jun 2020
Technical Support Expires In: 30 days
Repairs and Service Coverage: ACTIVE
Repairs and Service Expiration Date: 26 Mar 2021
Repairs and Service Expires In: 304 days
AppleCare Eligible: NO
Valid Purchase Date: YES
Registered Device: YES
Active Apple Repair: NO
Replaced Device: NO
Refurbished: NO
Loaner Device: NO
Find My iPhone: ON
iCloud Status: CLEAN
Blacklist Status: CLEAN
Locked Carrier: Unlock.


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Bulk orders allowed: Yes

Order type: IMEI/Serial number

Service type: Server

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Cancellation allowed: No

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